Olympic Air returns to Belgrade!



Athens based Olympic Air will be returning to Belgrade! After a decision to revise its network and consolidate its position as the dominant carrier in South-Eastern Europe, Olympic Air will be introducing numerous changes to its flight schedule.


Among these changes is the reintroduction of the Athens-Belgrade route. The airline was forced to withdraw from this market after the Greek government handed over the route to its competitor Aegean Air (A3). You can read more on this story here:

Frequencies have not been announced, however the launch date has been set as 27th March.

Interestingly, Jat Airways has announced that it will be adding additional frequencies on its Belgrade-Athens route the very same day.

Below you can find Jat’s published schedule for the week 27.03-03.04

Departure from Belgrade:

123—7  07:05 (arr 09:40)

—4—    17:30 (arr 20:05)

—-5–    17:55 (arr 20:30)

It will be very interesting to follow Olympic Air’s return to the Serbian market. Shortly before their withdrawal the airline was planning on upgrading the route to a double daily flight. However at that time Jat was their only competition flying just three times per week.

Now, with almost daily flights, Jat Airways will be putting up a fight in order to survive on this market. One of the possible advantages that Jat Airways might have is that it operates the route using a Boeing 737-300. With this plane, Jat will not only provide more comfort to its passengers but will also give its passengers the choice between business and economy class. If Olympic Air decides to launch the route with the Dash-8 it will not be able to provide a business class product or to match the comfort of the 737. However one of the advantages of Olympic’s Dash-8 is that it offers less capacity (68 seats), which means that it will be easier for them to add new frequencies. in the future

So what can we expect from Olympic Air’s return? Could we see Olympic upgrading this route to an A319? Price war? Cooperation by synchronizing their schedules? Code-share?

There is a possibility that these two airlines might create a duopoly, which would prevent them from entering a price-war.



No matter what happens, best of luck to Olympic Air!


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