Summer 2011 on Final Approach (Part 5)

In today’s post we continue to look at the changes taking place in Belgrade during the coming summer season. Today’s topic will take a look at changes introduced by the lowcost carriers.

Norwegian Air Shuttle has been flying to Belgrade for several years now. Originally the airline operated flights from Oslo to Belgrade. With their growing network of bases across Scandinavia, Stockholm was added shortly after.

This summer season the usual changes will be introduced. Their Oslo-Belgrade route will be increased from one weekly to two weekly. In addition to their current flight on Wednesday a Saturday flight will be added.

–3—-  13:00-15:50
—–6-  20:15-23:05

Stockholm-Belgrade will see an additional frequency, bringing the total to two weekly. The only change on this route is the departure time of the flight on Saturday.

-2—-    13:30-16:05
—–6-  09:35-12:10

Norwegian operates into Stockholm’s Arlanda airport where it will face direct competition from Serbia’s national carrier, Jat Airways. Wizz Air will launch Belgrade-Stockholm Skavsta from the 1st of April after the opening of its base in Belgrade.

Germanwings and Norwegian have been the pioneers of lowcost operations in Belgrade. They have launched flights at a time when Serbian citizens needed visas to travel to the Schengen zone. Today, Germanwings operates flights from Cologne and Stuttgart to Belgrade.

This summer season we will see minor changes in their timetable to Belgrade.

Belgrade-Cologne will be scheduled to fly 4 times per week instead of the current three.

1-3—-   13:25-15:35
—-5–   12:15-14:25
——7   15:50-18:00

Belgrade-Stuttgart will be operated three times per week. On this route Jat Airways and Germanwings directly compete with each other .

-2—–   12:25-14:15
—4—   13:20-15:10
——7   14:20:16:10

Niki, a semi-lowcost airline, will keep its six weekly frequencies from Vienna to Belgrade. By entering the Serbian market Niki had put an end to the duopoly of Jat Airways and Austrian Airlines.

With up to five daily flights on Jat Airways and Austrian Airlines and an additional flight on Niki, ranks Belgrade-Vienna as the most competitive route out of the Serbian hub. However with Air Berlin and Niki’s entry into the oneworld airline alliance things might start to change. With British Airways gone, Malév has been left as the only airline from the alliance to operate flights to Belgrade. Once member, it can attract some of the loyal passengers to both Air Berlin and oneworld travelling to Serbia. Currently Niki operates the route using their Embraer E190 with a capacity of 112 seats.

Finally, as previously announced, Wizz Air will be increasing their presence in Belgrade by opening their base in April. One of their Airbus A320 will be based at airport operating routes to Sweden, Germany, The Netherlands and Italy.

More on Wizz Air’s base in Belgrade here:


4 Responses to Summer 2011 on Final Approach (Part 5)

  1. Anonymous says:

    Do you think that Jat will suffer a lot from Wizzair? If no, why?

  2. Hi, thanks for the question,

    I do not think suffer is the appropriate word as it is a bit too strong in this case. Jat will most definetly feel the arrival of Wizz Air however not to that extent that it will go belly up.

    Wizz will do something Jat was not able to do, make flying affordable for everyone. In a country like Serbia where the standard of living is very low, providing people with cheap fares will make you more than popular. Jat was never able to understand this. In my opinion, Jat should have introduced fares to European destinations starting at 99 euros. Doesn’t matter if there are only two or three seats in the plane at that price, you have to make sure that people always come back to your site to check the flights when travelling.

    It is worth mentioning that Wizz Air is not dangerous at this point, however if Jat does not act soon, one plane in Belgrade might easily become 2 then 3 then 4…
    I can not stress enough the importance of securing additional load and income from neighbouring countries (transit pax). Like that Jat will reduce the effect of the lost passengers to Wizz.

    I hope that I managed to reply to your question. Unfortunately the topic is rather large hence why i can’t write my full answer. If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to ask me.

    Best regards.

  3. Andrea says:

    I am really waiting for WIZZAIR to introduce (Milan)Bergamo-Belgrade flights

    Any news about this connection?

    Thank you

    • Hey,

      For the moment Wizz Air has not announced anything about opening up new routes. They are still relatively new in Belgrade which means that they can’t predict how the Serbian market will react to them in the long run. Flight to Malmo have proven to be an outmost success and frequencies were increased by 2. I suppose when more cities react the way Malmo did they will place their 2nd aircraft there. Among the new routes it was rumoured that Milano, Oslo and Larnaca would be the first routes to be launched.

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